Office Staff

The Professional Office “Studio Legale Tocci” is made up of the following professionals:
Marco Tocci, Lawyer (Owner)

Specialized in civil law with a special focus on the sectors of real estate transactions, contracts, credit collection, professional liability as well as certain administrative law fields. Graduated with the highest marks at the Rome University “La Sapienza”, from May 1999 to 2007 he has been cooperating with the Chair of Administrative Law of Prof. Filippo Satta. He has worked in the forensic field since 1998 in the afore mentioned sectors, also teaching civil and administrative law for many private and public Bodies; in particular ‘til 2007 on behalf of ASAP (former IRFOD: Istituto Regionale Formazione Dipendenti, Regional Employee Training Institute) and currently for the Private Law Foundation “De Iure Pubblico” (Centro Studi Giuridici sulla Pubblica Amministrazione, Juridical Study Centre on Public Administration) operating on the whole national territory, entrusted with the function of Manager in charge of the Lazio Region. He has published many articles in juridical journals and is co-author of the doctrinal text “Il Contratto Urbanistico” (Urban Planning Contract). In the recent years, he took part to many conferences as a speaker in the field of civil and administrative law, with a special focus on the so-called “consensual urban planning” and/or on the general field of real estate transactions, held overall the national territory and most of all in the city of Rome (7th and 8th May 2007, Auditorium of the Lawyers’ Social Security Fund and Board of Surveyors in Rome; 1st October 2007 Conference with the Mayors of the Lazio Region; 10th December 2007 presentation of the Journal “Il Corriere De Iure Pubblico”); Rieti (2nd October 2007 Board of Surveyors in Rieti); Milan (12th October 2007 presentation of the Journal “Il Corriere De Iure Pubblico”); Bologna (27th October 2007 SAIE – Salone Internazionale dell’Edilizia, International Building Exhibition); Pisa (C.N.A. Confederazione Nazionale Artigianato e Piccola Impresa, National Confederation of Small and Medium Business and Craft); Florence (1st February 2008 “Il Governo del territorio”, Territory Governance). In 2009, he served as a teacher at the Board of Surveyors of Bergamo, Pavia and Varese. He is a member of the board commissions “Osservatorio Giustizia” (Monitoring Centre for Justice) and “Difensore Civico” (Ombudsman) at the Bar Association of Rome.

Other office co-workers:

- Laura Natola, Lawyer
- Andrea Indino, Associate
- Francesca Brunetti, Associate
- Giulia Carnazza, Associate