Office Staff

The Technical Office “Studio Legale Tocci” is made up of the following professionals:
Luca Tocci, Building Surveyor (Owner)

He has worked as a self-employed professional specialized in the field of estimate, building, urban planning and land registry since 1993. Over his professional career he has performed many institutional tasks for the Rome Board of Surveyors. He is currently member of both the Commission for Transparency and Program Surveillance “Trasparenza e verifica dei programmi”, and the Commission for Territory Governance, “Governo del territorio” (which was set up with the aim of monitoring the legislative and implementation framework in the sector of reference). As for the trade union field, he is member of the National Council of the Italian Confederation of Technical Professions “CONFEDERTECNICA” and of its National Study Centre “Centro studi nazionale”, as well as of the National Board of the National Federation of Surveyors “FEDERGEOMETRI” and chairs its National Study Centre “Centro studi nazionale”, located in Rome.
In the Nineties’ he attended qualification courses for real estate agents successfully passing the final exam. Later on, after venturing in the profession of land surveyor, he enrolled at the Technical Consultants Register at the Civil Court of Rome, where he is often asked to perform counselling services within the scope of his competence.
In the in-depth analysis of technical sectors, he has always put a special focus on the real estate field, with special reference to specialization and in-office refreshment and updating in the field of estimate and evaluations. Within this scope, he also attended many advanced training courses in the field of urban estimate, thus gaining the skills required for the implementation, in his estimate reports, of the principles drawn by the “Basel II Treaty”, as well as from I.A.S. (International Accounting Standards) and I.V.S. (International Valutation Standards). He also became member of the E-Valuation , Institute of Estimate and Real Estate Valuations (Istituto di Estimo e Valutazioni Immobiliari). He has been involved in the real estate Family Business for many years dealing with different technical and management issues for customers willing to invest in the sector, providing a specific real-estate counselling activity, by leveraging the synergies with the legal division and with the different office partnerships (notary’s, accounting and tax offices).  

Other office co-workers:

- Roberto Spadoni, Engineer
- Marco Facchini, Building Surveyor
- Davide Santoloce, Building Surveyor
- Alessandro Loretti, Building Surveyor