The professional office “Studio Professionale Tocci” is located in Rome (at the corner with Cavour Square) close to the so-called “Palazzaccio” the historical seat of the Supreme Court of Cassation. It was first set up in 2004 as a result of a merger between the legal office of the lawyer Avv. Marco Tocci and the technical office of the land-surveyor Ing. Luca Tocci, who previously worked independently.

The concept of creating a multidisciplinary office stems from the need of providing a concrete, dynamic and comprehensive answer to the growing demand shown by the customers of the two offices to benefit from a wide-range integrated consultancy, capable of leveraging the synergies coming from the different professional specialization fields thus maximizing times, resources and performance quality levels.

The Office, in fact, can, on the one hand, meet the demands of all main legal and technical sectors also by operating separately and independently. On the other hand it boasts the unique advantage of providing an ad-hoc specialized assistance and consultancy activity for all those problems, which, due to technical-legal peculiarities, actually require a joint analysis and management by an integrated pool of professionals capable of merging and harmonizing in the same office, the professional know-how and skills acquired in the relevant working sectors.

The presence of young, dynamic and motivated staff, the network of external cooperation with outstanding and expert professionals (like notaries, attorneys, land-surveyors, technicians and other specialized consultants), the high number of partnerships forged with bodies, trade-unions, foundations and associations operating in this specific field on a national scale, the territorial transversal approach (thanks to the connection with other inter-branch offices located in the rest of Italy), further enhance the scope of the Office which stands for an innovative hub in the field of integrated professional consultancy, specifically focused on the technical-legal sector.