Professional Collaboration

  1. Studio 1. Studio Associato Mincato & Russo (Commerce and Industrial Law
    and Intellectual Property)
  2. Studio Legale Scognamiglio (Criminal Law)
  3. Studio Commerciale Forte (Fiscal and Tax Law)
  4. Studio Pinchi (Labour Consultancy)
  5. Studio Commerciale Mollichella (Business Transactions Consultancy)
  6. Studio Notarile Fenoaltea
  7. Studio Associato Notai Carraffa & Cesarini Associated Notary’s Offices


  1. Studio Legale Bianchi  (Law: Urban Planning and Environmental Domain)
  2. De Iure Pubblico (Juridical Study Centre on Public Administration)
  3. Confedertecnica (National Trade Unions of Technical Professions)
  4. E -Valuation (Institute for Estimates and Evaluations)
  5. Federgeometri (National Italian Trade Union for Land Surveyors and Graduated Self-Employed Surveyors)
  6. Formamed srl (Training, Mediation and Legal Advice)


Some pictures from meetings organised by the “De Iure Pubblico” Foundation .